Stucco Over Siding: A Simple and Durable Solution

exterior of a stucco home

If you are looking to change the exterior finish of your home, covering your current siding with stucco may be an easier and less expensive option than completely replacing it. Applying stucco over your existing siding is a relatively simple alternative to removing and replacing your current siding, and it provides a durable and attractive finish that will likely require little maintenance for several decades. Here is an overview of the benefits of choosing stucco over siding and what this process typically looks like!

What Is Stucco Over Siding?

Stucco is a type of exterior finish option that provides a smoother appearance than most other types of siding. While it typically has some texture, stucco provides a more uniform aesthetic because it is made from one main piece that looks similar to an interior wall instead of individual pieces of siding. This option can be used on its own or placed over another type of siding, which can be a particularly helpful option if you are looking to cover older siding that you no longer like the appearance of without completely replacing it.

What Is the Process of Getting Stucco Over Siding?

If you are interested in applying stucco over your existing siding, you will first need to add a metal lath base and scratch coat to completely cover your original siding and give the stucco a smooth surface to adhere to. You will then need to mix your stucco according to the directions on its package and spread it onto the side of your home. Once you have finished applying your new stucco, you will need to keep it damp while it cures by lightly misting it with water for several days. This helps to prevent cracking or warping, which may occur if the stucco is left to cure too quickly.

How Long Does Stucco Last?

Stucco is made from a combination of several very durable materials, such as cement, sand, and crushed marble, which means that it is one of the strongest and longest-lasting options available. Most stucco homes last at least 50-80 years before any major exterior renovation is needed, although you will likely need to repaint your stucco more frequently if you choose to change its color instead of sticking with the original color that was created by adding a specific pigment to the mixture of your stucco when it was built. However, it is possible for stucco to begin to absorb water or otherwise become damaged after approximately 20 years, which could require certain types of repairs.

What Are the Benefits of Stucco?

While stucco is not as common as other types of siding in many areas, this option has a wide range of benefits that make it well worth considering. Here are some of the top reasons to choose stucco over another type of siding!

Effective Insulation

Stucco provides one of the most ideal insulation options because it is made from several types of particularly dense materials. Cement, marble, and other materials that make up stucco create walls that can more effectively block heat, cold, and sound than many other options, which can increase the energy efficiency of your home and keep it more comfortable throughout the year.

Durable Materials

Stucco’s density also makes it one of the most durable siding options available. Properly-installed stucco can often last longer than cheaper and lower-quality options, which can reduce the number of repairs you need to make and save you a significant amount of money over time.

Strong Curb Appeal

The unique appearance of stucco makes it an attractive option that beautifies your home. Whether your street is filled with stucco homes or you are looking for something different to make yours stand out, choosing stucco over a more common type of siding can go a long way toward boosting curb appeal for both residents of and visitors to your neighborhood.

Highly Customizable

While nearly any type of stucco can provide a unique and attractive appearance, you also have a wide range of options for choosing colors and patterns that match your personal style. Stucco is typically colored by mixing pigment into the material itself, rather than painting the finished product, which means that you can choose nearly any shade you want.

Lower Cost

Stucco costs less up front than many other materials, which makes it an excellent choice for those searching for a budget-friendly option. Its overall durability and fewer maintenance needs also mean that you will likely continue to spend less on your stucco walls over time than you would if you went with another type of siding.

How Much Does Stucco Over Siding Cost?

On average, you can expect adding stucco over your siding to cost between $6-$9 per square foot. This includes the cost of labor and materials, and it is generally less expensive than many other finish options.

Stucco over siding is an easy, inexpensive, and durable alternative to replacing your existing siding with most other finish options. Contact Greg Unseth Painting today to learn more about whether stucco over siding may be a good fit for you or to request a free estimate!