Stucco Contractors: Colorado Springs

Stucco in Colorado Springs is becoming more and more popular! Many of today’s homeowners are looking for maintenance free solutions for the exterior surfaces of their homes, and stucco has emerged as one of the top choices. Stucco is color-fast, does not chip and peel, and adds a clean, modern look to a home’s exterior. Colorado’s harsh weather conditions and architectural styling have made stucco the obvious alternative to siding and brick exteriors.

Stucco is an investment that will completely transform the look and feel of your home, and pay dividends over time as a maintenance-free solution. With a 3-part payment structure and other financing options, we strive to make the process as stress free as possible.

Our Stucco Process

Stucco over siding and brick is our practice. It is a science which has been perfected by our stucco contractors from years of experience and proven techniques. Greg Unseth Painting & Exteriors strives to give our customers the very best solutions when stuccoing their homes, and additional steps such as fiberglass mesh added to the base coat and the use of elastomeric finish coats ensure that our customers receive the quality they deserve. The typical stucco project will take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete from start to finish, and all permits and inspections will be adhered to throughout every stage of the project.

  • All window, door, and body trim will be pulled off the home.
  • Double 60 minute moisture-barrier paper (code is double 20 minute paper) and 17 guage lathe will wrap all surfaces to be stuccoed. A self-adhesive urethane sealer will be applied around all doors and windows.
  • Weep screed will be added to the bottom of the home to allow for moisture drainage, and additional metal flashing will be installed as needed.
  • 2″x 6″ pop-outs will be added around all window and door openings.
  • We then call for 1st inspection at the Regional Building Dept.
  • Once the fiberglass-infused scratch coat is applied, a fiberglass mesh is added to the surface to minimize future cracking of the stucco. The brown coat is then applied over the fiberglass mesh.
  • During the 3-5 day cure phase of the base coat, we will send our painting crews to the home to paint all non-stuccoed surfaces such as trim, doors, and gutters.
  • We use Total Wall Elastomeric Stucco by Sherwin Williams as our finish coat. Elastomeric stucco has changed the game in stucco finishes and provides the best solution for minimizing future cracking. Total Wall utilizes the most advanced moisture control technologies and coatings available today, perfect for the harsh Colorado weather. This can help bridge hairline cracks and is available in several different color and texture options.
  • Once the project has been finalized and touched up, all scaffolding is removed from the property and the premises is fully cleaned of sand and debris. The final inspection will then be completed by the Regional Building Dept.

Limited Lifetime Stucco Warranty

Greg Unseth Painting & Exteriors offers the best warranty in the Colorado Springs stucco industry. With our Limited-Lifetime Warranty you can be confident that if your stucco experiences uneven fading, chipping, peeling, or cracking wider than 1/8″, Greg Unseth Painting & Exteriors will supply all material and labor to amend the issues, for as long as you own your home.

As we operate in a transparent and upfront manner with all of our customers, it is important to understand that hairline cracking is not covered in our warranty. Although we take every step and precaution available to prevent hairline cracking in your new stucco surfaces, there are too many variables with each individual project to promise that no cracking will happen. Foundation structure, ground conditions, and a host of other variables will determine the future occurence of hairline cracking. Of course, all cracks can be repaired, and Greg Unseth Painting & Exteriors will offer upgrade options with a two-coat elastomeric finish to further prevent cracking and help hide cracks that may occur. This Limited Lifetime warranty only applies to our Elastomeric hard coat stucco system with the fiberglass mesh inlay.

Your Greg Unseth Painting & Exteriors sales representative will provide you with a copy of our Limited-Lifetime Warranty at the time of your free estimate.

This warranty offers you only specific legal rights. Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.

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