Brighten Up Your Exterior With Power Washing

If your home is looking a little less than stellar, but the paint is still in good condition, maybe your Colorado Springs house or deck just needs a good power washing!

Greg Unseth Painting & Exteriors offers pressure washing services to bring your home back to life. We offer simple, water-only solutions to clean pollen, dirt, dust, and water. For heavier stains related to smoke damage and carbon monoxide, our detergent solutions can do the trick. Power washing is a great option for many homes in Colorado Springs.

Whether you haven’t cleaned the outside of your house in a while or you just want to freshen up the exterior for spring, our pressure washing services can get the job done. It livens up the look of your property, plus regularly getting your house and deck washed can also extend the life of your next paint or stain job. A freshly power washed house or deck gets rid of dirt, mildew, and other substances that can affect how paint and stain sticks to the wood.

Renting a machine and doing it yourself can be quite burdensome, however. Not only is it extremely time consuming to try and wash your house or deck yourself, but it can be detrimental to your painted or stained wood. Power washers have “power” in the name for a reason, they are powerful! Because of the high pressure and force of the water coming out, it can be easy to accidentally remove layers of paint or stain. That is why we have an experienced staff and top-of-the-line equipment and products to ensure that the wash is done right.

Have one of the best looking houses in Colorado Springs with a pressure washing from Greg Unseth Painting and Exteriors.

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