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There is not much that can improve the feel and look of the interior of a home than an affordable paint job done by a professional painting company.

Choosing colors that reflect the personality of the owner and creating inviting interiors through custom paint is easily achieved with our experts. Creating the perfect interior spaces is what we have grown accustomed to over the 40 years we have been in business.

Turn to the pros at Greg Unseth Painting and Exteriors to hire the finest in interior painting that Colorado Springs has to offer. We can help you create, with the use of color the best impact on the interior of your home available.

We can assist you with all aspects of your interior paint job from start to finish and no interior is too big or too small. Our company works closely with you to plan and schedule painting jobs so there is only a small impact on your typical routine.

Greg Unseth Painting and Exteriors will also work closely with you to choose a suitable color scheme that works with your palette. We skillfully walk you through everything so that you are satisfied the first time.

Our philosophy includes the approach to be as efficient as possible, provide excellent painting results and never to cut corners from preparation, painting and finally touch-ups and clean-up.

Everything from furniture coverings, cleaning walls, cracks, trim, sanding and masking is well thought through. Experience the best painters on your next interior paint job. Call us for a free interior painting estimate today.

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Interior Painting

We offer a variety of painting and sealing products that are quality based and stand the test of time. Working around your schedule ensures the job is catered to fit your needs all with the highest expectations placed on quality paint jobs that last. While we’re at it we can even paint the exterior of your home.

New Look – New Paint

There is nothing like a fresh paint job for the interior of your home. Interior paint sets the mood and can be inviting. It can also transform the fell of a room dramatically. Spending hours indoors with a room that is painted poorly can have dramatic effects compared to a freshly painted interior that calms and relaxes.

No matter what room you are deciding to paint or if it is the entirety of your home’s interior, call on the pros at Greg Unseth to get the job done right, every time!

Residential Interior Paint

Greg Unseth Painting offers so many professional painting and sealing options for the interior of your home. We work around your schedule and cater the job to fit your needs. You can expect the highest level of pride and service in our detailed work. Our Commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched in the Colorado area and we would love to hear from you regarding a free quote.

A New Look For Your Home With New Paint

There is almost nothing like the feeling of refreshing your home with new paint. It can change the way you look at a room entirely. Make that living room a place you want to live. Turn that man cave into a place you’d actually want to hang out. Make your kitchen and dinning room a place you want to have guests.

There Isn’t A Job We Can’t Handle

There really isn’t a job we can’t handle. If you need it painted and it is part of your house we can more than likely handle it. Don’t leave the job to an less experience company. We’ve been doing this for almost 40 years and have helped hundreds of happy customers along the way!

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We offer a complete professional painting service and want you to be our next painting job.
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Prep Work

  • We will move all furniture as needed, cover it in plastic, and return all furniture to its original place at the conclusion of the paint job.
  • We will cover all flooring and mask all woodwork and areas not being painted.
  • Switch plate covers, fixtures and other wall mounted devices will be removed and/or masked.
  • We fill all holes and stress cracks, perform minor drywall and texture repairs, and caulk windows, jambs, and painted woodwork as needed.
  • Stain blocking primers will be applied to all mildew, tar staining, water staining, and any other substance which can bleed through the new paint film.

Once we get all of the preliminary work done, we can start on the interior painting in your home or office.


  • Most interior paint is strictly brush & roll application.
  • We will spray some surfaces occasionally, such as popcorn ceilings and new, smooth doors where brush marks are unacceptable.
  • Coverage is 100% guaranteed. If you can see the old paint color through the new paint film, we will paint it again.

The job isn’t complete after the paint is applied. Interior house painting makes quite a mess, and we believe in leaving the job site the same or better than when we arrived. Putting the final touches to the paint job and fully cleaning up is vital to a quality finished product.

Touch Up & Clean Up

  • Upon completion of the project, our team will inspect the entire home and touch up areas as needed. We will then have the homeowner inspect the job with our team again to ensure we have not missed anything.
  • All paint chips, masking paper, plastic, tape, and any other trash will be properly picked up and removed from the property and we will vacuum the carpeting. We will leave your home in the same shape we found it in when the project was started.
  • Most paint jobs are multi-day projects. We will clean up after ourselves at the end of each day, leaving your home in a clean, orderly manner.