When we decided to start offering stucco over siding, we knew that we would only offer the very best solution available. The best system is a hard-coat stucco system. However, even with the hard-coat solutions, there are steps and levels of product upgrades that can take a standard stucco job and make it a stellar one!

There are a few areas of differentiation between what we include as standard in our system, that would be considered upgrades with other competitors. They are:

Lath Stage: 1) In the lath stage, we use Double 60 weather-barrier, which is 3 times thicker than code requires; 2) We use a 17 gauge wire system that is heavier than most offer (stucco is heavy and it is the wire that holds it to the home); 3) We always secure the wire to the studs of the home with longer-than-standard, 2″ staples; 4) Pop-outs, or bump-outs, are always added around door and window openings as standard.

Base Coat: 1) We use only the best base coat material, which is infused with fiberglass strands to create a stronger surface and reduce cracking; 2) Between the scratch and brown coats, we add a fiberglass mesh overlay for additional crack protection (this is a very important step and one that should be included in every stucco job, as this will prevent future cracking by another 80%).

Color Coat: 1) We always use the very best finish coat, which is Elastomeric stucco. As opposed to the standard Portland Cement color coat, the elastomeric coatings will bridge hairline cracks at a much greater rate, are colorfast and fade resistant, will not stain nearly as easily, and most importantly are flexible (elongation of 180%) to prevent as much surface cracking as possible when movement of the structure occurs.

Painting the Trim & Doors: Most stucco contractors do not, and will not, paint the areas that are not being stuccoed. We always include this in our system. After all, why would our customers want a beautiful new stucco home with less than beautiful trim? Plus, no need to go out and find another contractor to finish the job!