What are your payment terms?

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No money down on painting, gutters, tile, and repair projects. Terms of 50% down/ 50% upon completion on replacement windows and doors, fencing, decks, and garage doors. For stucco, 1/3 down, 1/3 after lath inspection, and 1/3 upon completion. We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We also offer bank financing via Ent Federal

Are you insured?

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Yes, we carry full Liability and Workman's Compensation insurance. If an accident occurs on your project, either to our workers or your home, we are covered.

Tell me about your workforce.

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This is a source of great pride for our company. We have always realized that our company is only as good as our people. Experience and professionalism is a must when we hire, however we always look for deeper qualities such as pride of work and individuals whom buy into our concept of being the

How is your stucco process different from others in the industry?

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When we decided to start offering stucco over siding, we knew that we would only offer the very best solution available. The best system is a hard-coat stucco system. However, even with the hard-coat solutions, there are steps and levels of product upgrades that can take a standard stucco job and make it a stellar

Can you paint my home in the winter?

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Absolutely. Our paints are cold temp rated to 35 degrees, allowing us to paint on many winter days. And as an incentive, we usually will run deeper discounts during the winter months!

What are the benefits of 100% Acrylic paints?

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We use only 100% acrylic paints for several reasons. Acrylic latex is flexible so it will move and breathe with the constant contraction and expansion of your homes surfaces due to temperature changes. Also, acrylics are the most fade resistant coverings available, which is very important with Colorado's intense UV exposure.

How do you apply the paint topcoat?

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Finish strategy will be determined on a per job basis. Most homes will be a cross-spray application for larger body areas and brush/roll application for trim, interior, and smaller areas. No matter what application is chosen, we assure a thick, even topcoat with the best products available.