Exterior Home Paint Trends

exterior home paint trends

Every homeowner takes pride in their home. Investing in a new coat of paint helps you modernize your exterior and is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase property value.

There are many benefits to adding a fresh coat of exterior paint. Not only will it keep your home looking good, but it also prevents damage from weather and other harmful elements

What Are the Most Popular Exterior Painting Schemes?

Exterior trends are changing every year, and in 2021 it’s no different. Here are some design ideas, paint color combinations, and inspiration to create your next painting project.

  • Dark Green with Black Trim

The evergreen palette is a sophisticated choice that complements a natural setting. Its dark greens and grays complement black windows and contribute to a rugged, refined aesthetic. This palette is harmonious with nature. Black or brown roofing adds a layer of sophistication.

  • Black with White Trim

A stylish combination of black and white gives the home a minimalist feeling. The dark exterior is contrasted beautifully with the white trim. This scheme offers a sophisticated feel to the house and is sure to have visitors asking you for tips on how to decorate their own homes.

  • White Cottage with Colorful Shutters

White offers a clean, classic look that is unaffected by trends. What makes this color combination so popular is its versatility. It’s timeless, easy to work with, and has a lively look. It can be paired with any color, so you have some flexibility when you choose.

  • White Farmhouse with Black Trim

If you want to give your home a classic look, this is a perfect choice. The white is pure, simple, and elegant. This color combination is perfect for those who want a neutral home without compromising style.

  • Navy Blue with White Trim

A dark blue house is timeless, both in its appeal and its ability to blend in with nature. The white trim balances the blue of the rest of the house. Pair it with black or gray shutters, and you’ll create a refined look that will never go out of style.

  • Grays and Blues with Accents

This design is an excellent choice for many homeowners. This color scheme is a subtle balance of natural shades that can blend with almost any design element you choose.

Why You Should Update Your Home’s Exterior

You have probably been thinking about updating the exterior of your home for a while, but have held off because it looks fine, right? Updating the exterior of your home can be a way of increasing its value, while also boosting your own spirits.

  • Boost Curb Appeal

Homeowners often focus on the interior of their homes and forget curb appeal is also an important factor. The first impression is everything. When selling a home, curb appeal can mean the difference between a bona fide offer and a lost opportunity.

  • Increase Home Value

It is also an excellent way for potential home buyers to judge the quality of upkeep in your home. Clean, modern siding creates a first, positive impression. It sends a message that you are diligent in your home upkeep, allowing home buyers to visualize how you have taken care of the interior as well.

  • It Sets the Tone for the Rest of Your Home

The aesthetically pleasing exterior design makes your home stand out from the rest. Your newly re-painted home is sure to be a source of pride and will catch the attention of your family and friends.

Call in the Experts

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