5 Must Have Interior Painting Accessories 2018

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5 Must Have Interior Painting Accessories 2018

Interior wall painting is the cheapest and most effective way to provide a face-lift to a house. However, the endeavor can sometimes go sideways when homeowners decorating their homes, fail to put together the right paint colors due to the lack of basic painting knowledge. However, here are simple tips to guide one through the paint selection process to attain outstanding results each time.

Intensive Planning:

The overwhelming pressure of selecting interior wall paints along with their contrasting accents can be too much to handle a once. Choosing interior painting colors require one to start with deciding the color scheme and decor before starting with the wall painting. One should always select the furniture, upholstery and even carpets before choosing the paint color scheme. Choose a Focal Point: The best way of selecting interior paint colors is by selecting a focal point in the room. One can select this focal point as a permanent fixture such as a wooden floor or granite counter-top or select a painting, antique or fabric as a focal point and build the interior painting scheme around the same. Interior paint colors must be in harmony with the interior decor of the space, working to either way to accentuate or refined the different accessories and furnishings.

Online illustrators and Visualizers:

One can easily use online visualizers that allow one to create a customized interior painting scheme and visualize the appearance using graphical simulators. This allows one to see how the chosen color scheme would appear together and make an educated choice. For instance, when selecting Berger Interior Paints, one can use the online color visualizer offered by the manufacturers and create and test various schemes of Berger paints for interior walls. This allows one to also note the correct name and product details for in-store purchases and trails.


Once you have an interior paint colors scheme decided one must not buy the paints in bulk before trying sample swatches on the wall. Thus, one should avail sample size quartz from the retailers and test the same on the walls or panels to evaluate how the paint looks and feel in natural light and artificial light in a room. At this time, one can tweak the shade or change make their mind. Interior painting is a meticulous task, the outcome to which depends upon the interior paint colors, their quality, and application. To ensure all elements work together in harmony one can hire expert professionals to help them make decisions and even apply the interior paint colors to perfection.

Points to remember:

Paints play a significant role in our lives. Colors bring beauty to your house, affect your moods, lift your spirits, give an optical illusion and make space look small or large, and change the interior and exterior looks of a house. With the right shades, you can beautify and transform the exterior and interior of your house and give your old home a whole new look. Colors also extend the life of interior and exterior of your home by protecting it from the weather, algae, dirt, moisture, insects, insects, expensive repairs, chalking, and other damages. White color on the roof can reflect sunlight and keep the temperature down and make house and rooms below the roof much cooler. Your choice of colors also describes your personality, style, and tastes. However, there are few things you should remember before painting your home.

You should first decide when to put fresh coating. The condition of your home’s current coat can help you determine when your house requires painting. If your home’s existing color is peeled, cracked, faded, chipped, or flaked, you can paint and protect it from further damages, and give it a whole new look. Your house will also require painting if it is newly built. The next step in your coating is finding the nature and condition of the surfaces and types of coatings used on the surfaces previously. You must also collect prep materials, tools, and accessories for preparing the surface and putting the primers because primers provide better paint finish and hide peeling, scratches, and other defects on the surface. Now, you must patch holes, wash, and sand the surface before putting Primers. Once you complete preparing the surface and applying primers, you should choose colors of your choice. There is a broad range of paint colors available in the market, and they can be categorized as water-based Latex Paints and Oil-based paints or “alkyds.” These paints have their qualities and characteristics and ideal for different uses. Selection of paint colors is vital for your painting project because the right choice of colors can transform interior and exterior of your home. There are companies that supply a wide range of paints for different uses and finish. They can also provide a solution to your color selection problems. For instance, Kangaroo paints in Singapore manufactures a variety of architectural and home decorative paints, automotive coatings, floor coatings, metal paints, primers, varnishes, adhesives, spray paints and other materials. There are also other companies that manufacture their brand of colors and related products. If you live locally, call Greg Unseth Painting and Exteriors for a quote for your home at (719) 550-0445!


Stucco is also a common problem in Colorado Springs. If you have cracks or your stucco is crumbling these are key signs that there may be water intrusions or another issue. Contact us to learn more from one of our Colorado Springs stucco professionals.