• Interior Painting Colorado Springs

  • Are you tired of your boring white walls?  Do the smudge marks and little handprints in your hallways and stairwells make you cringe whenever you walk by them?  If so, we have the solution!  We specialize in custom interior painting for your Colorado Springs home or office.

    Nothing shouts pride of ownership and a custom feel more than a brand new interior paint job.  We can make your home or office warmer and more inviting for all who enter without breaking the budget, and our top of the line interior paints wear and wash so well, once painted you will have many years of enjoyment ahead. 

  • Prep Work

    Interior House Painting Colorado Springs
    • We will move all furniture as needed, cover it in plastic, and return all furniture to its original place at the conclusion of the paint job.
    • We will cover all flooring and mask all woodwork and areas not being painted.
    • Switch plate covers, fixtures and other wall mounted devices will be removed and/or masked.
    • We fill all holes and stress cracks, perform minor drywall and texture repairs, and caulk windows, jambs, and painted woodwork as needed.
    • Stain blocking primers will be applied to all mildew, tar staining, water staining, and any other substance which can bleed through the new paint film.

    Once we get all of the preliminary work done, we can start on the interior painting in your home or office.

  • Application

    Interior House Painting Colorado Springs
    • Most interior paint is strictly brush & roll application.
    • We will spray some surfaces occasionally, such as popcorn ceilings and new, smooth doors where brush marks are unacceptable.
    • Coverage is 100% guaranteed.  If you can see the old paint color through the new paint film, we will paint it again.

    The job isn’t complete after the paint is applied. Interior house painting makes quite a mess, and we believe in leaving the job site the same or better than when we arrived. Putting the final touches to the paint job and fully cleaning up is vital to a quality finished product.

  • Touch Up & Clean Up

    • Upon completion of the project, our team will inspect the entire home and touch up areas as needed.  We will then have the homeowner inspect the job with our team again to ensure we have not missed anything. 
    • All paint chips, masking paper, plastic, tape, and any other trash will be properly picked up and removed from the property and we will vacuum the carpeting.  We will leave your home in the same shape we found it in when the project was started.
    • Most paint jobs are multi-day projects.  We will clean up after ourselves at the end of each day, leaving your home in a clean, orderly manner.